Stickers Overview

Embedding Stickers for iMessage with your game is a feature Apple added support for with iOS 10 and XCode 8. See the Apple documentation for details on how to setup and embed stickers with your game.

This document describes how builds with Stickers must be delivered to the Kongregate Mobile Build System to be resigned.

Naming the Stickers Extension

The Mobile Build System expects the name of the Sticker Pack to end in Stickers. This convention enables it to detect the extension as a Sticker Pack rather than some other App extension. For example, if your game is named Angry Bots then name your sticker target Angry Bots Stickers and all should be good.

Mobile Build System Setup

The Kongregate Producer must set up the Mobile Build System with the additional Provisioning Profiles for the Sticker App Extenstion in your game.

NOTE: The above convention is only a hard requirement if you upload .ipas to the signing server. It is not required if you upload an

Use an App Store IPA

The Mobile Build System only supports resigning IPAs that have been exported for App Store Deployment. The resigned build will generate Ad Hoc and App Store signed builds with the target bundle ID and version. If you attempt to upload a build with stickers exported for Ad Hoc or Developer deployment, the resign script will fail.

NOTE: we are working on a solution to support .xcarchives which contain stickers and are signed using an External Developer Certificate.

Use an XCArchive

If sign your app using the External Developer Certificate then you will not be able to deliver builds exported for App Store Deployment. If you need to support Stickers but can only export builds for Development Deployment you may upload the .xcarchive directory instead. Note, the .xcarchive is actually a directory. You will need to zip it.

zip -qry angrybots.xcarchive

The resign server will expect the filename to end with This will generate Ad Hoc and App Store IPAs which contain the Stickers bundled with the App.