App Store Builds

Follow the guidelines below to prepare your game for release through the various app stores. For the case where your game was previously released, see Transferring Apps.

In general, the Kongregate producer will configure the app in the Apple, Google, or Amazon console and handle the final signing and submittal of your build. During active development, you may wish to have a shadow configuration within your own app store account, to allow for more rapid iterations. A good convention might be to add .dev to the shadow bundle id or package name, to prevent conflicts with versions submitted to Kongregate. For iOS development only, you may request a Kongregate Development Certificate and Provisioning Profile, so you can build and test your game using the Kongregate App ID. This is not supported for Android.

Be sure to submit builds relatively early in the integration process, to help ensure the Kongregate project is setup correctly and all app store services work properly under the release account.

Apple iTunes

The bundle id for the iTune version should be:[yourgamename]

The Kongregate producer will handle signing, submitting, and configuring the app in iTunes connect. When ready to test release candidates, please upload your IPA file through the Mobile Build System. Your IPA will be signed with the Kongregate certificate automatically, and your Kongregate producer will submit to iTunes Connect.

If you wish to develop your App using a Kongregate Development Certificate, please contact your producer. This will enable you to build and test your game using the final Kongregate App ID. You may also submit builds exported for Developer Distribution signed with this certificate to the Mobile Build System. The obvious advantage of this is you can develop and test against the actual App Store project prior to resigning. The disadvantages are you will not be able to directly build Ad Hoc or App Store builds. Also, maintaining external developer certificates in XCode can be a bit tricky.

Google Play Store

The package name for the Google Play version should be:[yourgamename].google

As with iTunes, the producer will handle signing, submitting, and configuring the app in the Google Play console. When ready to test release candidates, please upload a .apk of your project via the Mobile Build System, which will automatically run a script that unpacks and resigns the apk with Kongregate’s keys.

Unlike for iTunes builds, the is no way to share a development only certificate. Also unlike iTunes, our resign script is not capable of changing the Package ID. Finally, also unlike iTunes, you are able to build apps using whatever Package ID you desire. When you upload Android builds to the Mobile Build System, you will need to manually change the package ID for the RC build.

Google App Bundles

To support Google App Bundles apps must be signed using Google App Signing. Apps with App Signing enabled do not need to use the Mobile Build System. You will be provided an upload key which you will use to sign your app bundle. It may then be uploaded directly to Google Play. Google will handle resigning with release keys.

Please contact if you need App Signing enabled for your game.

Amazon App Store

<permission android:name="com.kongregate.permission.ReadSharedData2"
<uses-permission android:name="com.kongregate.permission.ReadSharedData2"/>
<provider android:name="" ... />

IMPORTANT: be sure to re-add these entries for Google Builds

<meta-data android:name="" android:value="true"/>

Mobile Build System

Uploading your game via the mobile build system is simple. First, navigate to the edit page for your game. Then, click the “Upload files” link on the upper right part of the page.

Fill in these fields:

  1. File - The APK or IPA file you wish to sign.
  2. Version - The version number for the app store. Do not include any extra information here. For iOS builds, this will be injected into the package.
  3. Email to Notify - This email address will be sent a link to the signed build once it is finished.
  4. Slack user to Notify - This is the slack username of the producer to notify when the build is finished.
  5. Release Notes - The release notes you wish to have posted on the app store.

Click upload, and that’s it!

Please Note: