Self-Publishing Overview

Occasionally a game developer will be offered to use the Kongregate SDK for a game they are publishing themselves. A key difference is that Kongregate will not re-sign the builds or manage the Google Play Console or iTunesConnect project. The typical goal is to enable the game to leverage the analytics services baked into the Kongregate SDK. If this is the case, you may also be asked to disable the Kongregate K button.

IMPORTANT: The most important requirement for self-published games is to disable the shared-sign on service on Android. On iOS this is automatically handled. On Android the SDK displays Toast warnings when apps that are not signed by Kongregate do not fully disable this feature.

Basic Setup

The integration process for self-published games is essentially the same as for published games, with the exception of disabling shared-sign on and possibly not exposing the Kongregate Panel. A Kongregate Producer will still need to setup a project on the Kongregate site, and likely Adjust and DeltaDNA. They will provide you will all the IDs, API Keys, and such needed to initialize our SDK. After reviewing the exceptions below, you may follow the general integration guide for your target platform: Android, iOS, Unity

Disabling Android Shared Sign On

1) Add the following to AndroidManifest.xml under the <application> tag

<meta-data android:name="" android:value="true"/>

2) Remove the following entries from the AndroidManifest.xml if present

<permission android:name="com.kongregate.permission.ReadSharedData2" android:protectionLevel="signature"/>
<uses-permission android:name="com.kongregate.permission.ReadSharedData2"/>


<provider android:name="[YourGame]SharedSecretProvider"

3) You also do not need to create and include the Shared Secret Provider class or JAR.

Disabling K Button

Disabling the K button is a simple matter of not displaying it or ever invoking KongregateAPI.Mobile.openKongregateWindow().

Unfortunatly the KongregatePanelActivity is still required to exist in the manifest. We will likely remove this requirement in an upcomming release. Similarly, our SDK will download and cache the Kongregate Panel web page, which is clearly not needed if the panel is never to be opened. This has had no noticable impact on performance in any existing games. Still, we will likely add an option to disable it in a future release.

Adjust and DeltaDNA

Adjust and DeltaDNA integration will work the same as a game published by Kongregate. All the features provided by DeltaDNA and Adjust are available. A Kongregate Producer is required to setup the various projects and will provide the various API Keys and Tokens needed.