GDPR Dialog Overview

The Kongregate server may be configured to display a native privacy policy acceptance alert dialog over your game. This dialog will appear for users that have not yet accepted Kongregate’s privacy policies. By default the dialog is shown the moment the SDK detects the user has not yet accepted, typically shortly after SDK initialization. This page documents how you may customize when the dialog appears and test the dialog during development.

Customize when the dialog appears

If you set the KONGREGATE_OPTION_DEFER_GDPR_ALERT option, the dialog will not show until your game notifies our SDK using Trigger(Kongregate.Mobile.GDPR_ALERT_TRIGGER).

When our SDK receives this trigger it will display the dialog if needed. If the user already accepted the policies or the dialog is disabled on the Kongregate backend, the trigger will have no effect. This option may be useful if you want finer control over when your game may be interrupted by the alert dialog.


Since it can be difficult to setup a user that has not yet accepted Kongregate privacy policies, the following option may be used so it is always displayed whether the user has already accepted or not KONGREGATE_OPTION_TEST_GDPR_ALERT. IMPORTANT: Be sure not to leave this option set in release candidate builds.

Disabling the alert

The alert may be disabled simply by setting KONGREGATE_OPTION_DEFER_GDPR_ALERT to true and never invoking the GDPR_ALERT_TRIGGER trigger.