IronSource Overview

Kongregate, through the IronSource API, is able to attribute ad revenue to specific users for better insights. In order for this to work, IronSource must be correctly initialized.

Initializing IronSource

Please follow the IronSource Documentation to get started integrating IronSource. The following Kongregate specific instructions only apply to this step.

After the KongregateAPI is initialized, but before calling IronSource.Agent.Init, please add the following code:

KongregateAPI kongregate = KongregateAPI.GetAPI();
string user_id = kongregate.Analytics.GetAutoStringProperty(Kongregate.Analytics.FIELD_PLAYER_ID);

Note: If you plan on using IronSource server-side callbacks, you may want to call IronSource.Agent.setUserId with a different user_id. If so, please contact mobile-dev to coordinate and ensure no data is lost.