Kongregate SDK 3.0.0 has a lot of big changes behind the scenes. First off, it completely replaces SWRVE with a new CRM platform, DeltaDNA. The primary advantage of DeltaDNA is that it’s a more flexible messaging tool where event properties are globally accessible and campaigns are easier to setup. Additionally, the Kongregate SDK now sends all analytic events directly to a Kongregate ingestion solution that is no longer tied to a 3rd party vendor.

Here are the changes that directly affect implementing the newest KongregateSDK:

  1. Swrve Resources are no longer supported - instead if you’d like to send custom parameters to your game from Delta - please use the customParameterListener (explained below #4)
  2. Swrve User Properties are no longer supported - most of this information should be reflected in event properties or common fields which is accessible on Delta
  3. Please change any Swrve only events (events prepended with swrve.) to Delta only events by prepending delta. instead. If you’d like to pass custom parameters to your game via DeltaDNA, please implement a customParameterListener. This will receive a dictionary that you can set up on DeltaDNA to be returned in response to specified events.
  4. The customButtonListener has changed a bit. See individual platform descriptions below.
  5. New initialization settings provided by your producer:

Installation Instructions


  1. Delete the SwrveLibProject and Kongregate Folders under Plugins/Android
  2. Delete Plugins/KongregateAPI.cs
  3. Delete the KongregateSDK.bundle, KongregateSDK.framework, Swrve.bundle & Swrve.framework folders under Editor
  4. Install the KongregateSDK plugin
  5. Remove SWRVE entries from your Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml
  6. Add the new initialization settings to your KongregateAPI initialization call
  7. Replace SetSwrveButtonListener function with SetDeltaButtonListener. Your callback function will receive three arguements: the id of placement, the type of action (link or action), and the action value which will be the url in case of a link action or the value set on the DeltaDNA platform
  8. Add SetDeltaParameterListener. Your callback function will receive a Dictionary of string, object pairs of custom parameters set on the DeltaDNA platform


  1. Remove the old KongregateSDK.framework & KongregateSDK.bundle, as well as the Swrve.framework & Swrve.bundle, from your XCode project.
  2. Drag the new KongregateSDK.framework & KongregateSDK.bundle into Frameworks
  3. Add the DeltaDNA.framework into Frameworks. Additionally, drag the DeltaDNA.framework under Embedded Binaries
  4. Add the -fembed-bitcode flag under Build Settings - Other C Flags
  5. Alternatively, add DeltaDNA 4.9 to your Cocoa Podfile (https://github.com/deltaDNA/ios-sdk)
  6. Add the new initialization settings to your KongregateAPI initialization call
  7. Replace setSwrveButtonCallback with setDeltaButtonCallback. Your callback will receive two strings: the name of the image component that was clicked and the a custom value that you set for the component.
  8. Call setDeltaParameterCallback with a callback that receives an NSDictionary of custom set keys and values


  1. Remove the old KongregateSDK.aar file & the SwrveLibProject folder from your project
  2. Add the new KongregateSDK.aar to your project
  3. Add the DeltaDNA.aar to your project
  4. Alternatively add DeltaDNA 4.9 to your gradle file (https://github.com/deltaDNA/android-sdk)
  5. Remove SWRVE entries from your AndroidManifest.xml
  6. Add the following entry to your AndroidManifest.xml:

  7. Add the new initialization settings to your KongregateAPI initialization call
  8. Replace setSwrveCustomButtonListener with setDeltaCustomButtonListener. Please pass in a DeltaWrapper.CustomImageListener that overrides the onAction(String value, String params) and onLink(String value, String params)
  9. Call setDeltaCustomParamLister and pass in a DeltaWrapper.CustomParameterListener that overrides onParameterReceived(JSONObject action)