Updated Android JAR and Unity Plugin Information


Version of the SDK changed the name and location of some of the files needed to build for Android and Unity for better forward-compatibility.

AdX JAR Renamed

The AdX JAR file in order to make future upgrades more seamless. The version number was removed, so the JAR is just named adxtag.jar now. You may need to remove the older adxtagX.X.X.jar file from your project if you get warnings about duplicate classes.

Unity Android Plugin Layout

The structure of the Unity Android plugin has changed to ensure compatibility with Unity 5. The new structure is also cleaner in general. The plugin is now installed into Assets/Plugins/Android/Kongregate. When upgrading from a previous version of the SDK you will likely need to do the following after importing the unity package.

If you run into any other issues, please clean out your Assets/Plugins/Android directory, follow the instructions in Unity Setup Documentation, and then re-install any other Unity plugins you are using. If that doesn’t work, please contact mobile-dev@kongregate.com for assistance.