This page discussed features of the Kongregate SDK which are still included, but no longer required for new games to integrate.

Legacy Analytics Options

Legacy IAP Tracking

SDK 1.0.7.x track purchase flow

You can track purchases via Keen and AdX by using the startPurchase and trackPurchase methods on the analytics API object. They accept a product ID, quantity, and map of fields for the Keen event.

The product ID needs to be a specially crafted string that matches the name of the item in iTunes Connect and Google Play (minus the bundle ID or package name). For example: t05_hard might be the product ID for a hard currency item in pricing tier 5. Note that the tXX prefix is required to be 3 characters (t followed by the 2 digit pricing tier), so the leading zero is critical in this case.

The event fields should match the fields from iap_attempts and iap_transactions in your event schema.

The startPurchase method should be called at the beginning of the purchase flow.

The trackPurchase method should be called after the purchase is completed, including signature/receipt verification.