Automatic Analytics Fields & Events

This page details the fields and events the SDK will report in various modes. See the Anatlyics Overview for initialization details.

Automatic Modes

The auto analytic mode is specified with the KONGREGATE_OPTION_AUTO_ANALYTICS_MODE initialization option. Supported modes include:

Optional Filter

The KONGREGATE_OPTION_AUTO_ANALYTICS_FILTER option may be used to exclude specific events or fields from auto anaytics. Specify the list of fields and events you’d like to exclude as a comma seprated string (e.g. session_starts,session_id, etc).

Automatic Fields

These fields will be sent with every event when auto analytics is enabled. Note: this list includes all fields for version 1.1.x.x and up of the SDK. Previous versions contain many of these, but some have been renamed and added.

Automatic Events

These events will be fired by the SDK when auto analytics is enabled.

Session Logic Details

A session is defined as a period of mostly uninterrupted use of the app. A session is considered over when it has been in the background for more than 5 minutes. As such, you can expect a session_starts event and new session_id when the app first launches and when it comes to the foreground after sitting in the backgound or closed for more than 5 minutes. Since the SDK can not determine how long the app has been closed or in the backgound until it comes to the foreground again, the session_ends event will not be submitted until the app returns to the foreground. The session_end_time field sent with the event will reflect the time when the session actually ended.

Player Info Details

This event is intended to fire whenever player info details change. It will automatically fired when a non-guest Kongregate user lauches the app, logs, in or out. If your game collects any of player detail fields listed under the event, you should fire the event at launch and whenever one of the details change.

AddEvent("player_info", { "fb_username": "joe_facebook", "fb_email": "" });

The SDK will automatically fill in known player_info fields when the event fires.

API Events

These events will be fired when an associated API call is invoked and auto analytics is enabled.